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May 1, 2014, complete results at   https://www.judgingcard.com/

Land Judging, FFA winners

1st place at 274
Connor Oneill
Lind-Ritzville FFA

2nd place at 269
Diana Borse
North Miami FFA

3rd place at 269
Katie Meeks
Ravenswood FFA
West Virginia

4th place at 257
R. J. OBriant
Charlotte Sr., FFA

5th place at 253
Bradley West
Roane County FFA
West Virginia

6th place at 249
Ryan Reddick
Hartshorne FFA

7th place at 249
Adrianna Richie
North Miami FFA

8th place at 248
Nathan Welch
Washington County FFA

9th place at 246
Jessica Armes
Clay County FFA
West Virginia

10th place at 245
Chantal Rusaw
Kauai High FFA


Land Judging FFA Teams  Winners

1st place at 737
North Miami FFA, Indiana

2nd place at 711
Kathleen Sr., FFA, Florida

3rd place at 694
Clay County FFA, West Virginia

4th place at 694
Lind-Ritzville FFA, Washington

5th place at 691
Charlotte Sr., FFA, Florida

6th place at 679
Roane County FFA, West Virginia

7th place at 676
South Lenoir FFA, North Carolina

8th place at 676
Ravenswood FFA, West Virginia

9th team at 665
Halfway FFA, Missouri

10th team at 659
South Wells FFA, Indiana 






2009 National Land Judging Card










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