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State Land Judging Competition, April 26, 2014



Senior 4H Land Judging Winners, Individuals  
not pictured 193 - Kalli Mowdy, Vanoss
Taylor Pack 186 - Taylor Pack, Wetumka
Ethan Moreau 182 - Ethan Moreau, Jackson County
Randi Bray 178 - Randi Bray, Wetumka
Caylee Williams 177 - Caylee Williams, Wetumka
Luke Muller 172 - Luke Muller, Jackson County
Levi Muller 172 - Levi Muller, Jackson County
Manuel Martinez 150 - Manuel Martinez, Jackson County
not pictured 140 - Jessi Bynum, Porter
Winson Ma 130 - Winson Ma, Jackson County



Senior 4H Land Judging Winners, Teams  


Catelyn Curtis, Taylor Pack, Randi Bray, Caylee Williams
senior team jackson
Levi Muller, Luke Muller, Manuel Martinez
443 - not pictured
Nathan Livesay, Jessi Bynum, Sarina Keele
442 - not pictured Jackson
Ethan Moreau, Winson Ma, Lincoln Muller



Junior 4H Land Judging Winners, Individuals



Catelyn urtis 203 - Catelyn Curtis, Wetumka 4H
Seth Harriet 194 - Seth Harriet, Wellston
not pictured 187 - Nathan Livesay, Porter
Paige Nagy 165- Paige Nagy, Wellston
Maddox Coulson 148 - Maddox Coulson, Wellston
Brooke Crabb 136 - Brooke Crabb, Wellston
Lacy Humphrey 135 - Lacy Humphrey, Wellston
Dixie Shaffer 135 - Dixie Shaffer, Wellston
Heather Whitnah 130 - Heather Whitnah, Wellston
Aron Lentz 113 - Aron Lentz, Wellston


Junior 4H Land Judging Winners, Teams
455 - Wellston
Aron Lentz, Seth Harriet, Brayden Mitchell, Maddox Coulson
436 - Wellston
Brooke Crabb, Paige Nagy, Lacy Humphrey, Heather Whitnah


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