Plant Characteristics with Images
(images created by Bellamy Parks Jansen from Field Guide to Oklahoma Plants: Commonly Encountered Prairie, Shrubland, and Forest Species).

2015 Homesite Judging

1st place at 388
Milian Pozderac
Frederictown FFA, Ohio

2nd place at 386
Skylar Payton
Mrion County FFA, West Virginia
3rd place at 381
Jake Irvin
Hico FFA, Texas

4th place 379
Max Bales
Hondo FFA #2, Texas

5th place 377
Jerry Hardway
Wirt County FFA, West Virginia
6th place at 375
Grant Sanchez
Fairfield FFA, Indiana

7th place at 375
Lia Nicotra
Klein FFA, Texas

8th place at 375
Aaron Oefinger
Hondo FFA #2, Texas

9th place at 375
Tyler O'Brien
Land-Ritzville FFA, Washington

10th place at 368
Tyler Bridges
Texico FFA #2, New Mexico

1ST PLACE - Hondo FFA #2, Texas
Wesley Rogge, Ellie Jones, Max Bales, Aaron Oefinger

2ND PLACE - Hico FFA, Texas
Jake Irvin, Josh Vinson, Cody Garcia, Maddie Ogden
3RD PLACE - Marion County FFA, West Virginia
Devon Martin, Greg Carr, Skyler Payton, Chase Matthew

4TH PLACE - Fairfield FFA, Indiana
Nate Bowser, Nick Bowser, Justin Slabaugh, Grant Sanchez


5TH PLACE - Taylor County FFA, West Virginia
Lauren Tennant, Courtney Saffle, Lauren Johnson, Nathan Smith